When a Solo Photographer Turns Her Passion into a Successful Business

This is a story of a solo photographer turned entrepreneur, as featured on MSNBC’s Your Business.
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Old School Advertising Tricks that Still Work

While technology has continuously influenced and changed the many ways life is lived nowadays, in the field of marketing, new techniques are not solely taking the limelight. Experts in marketing techniques highlight the effectiveness of incorporating some of the time-tested marketing techniques which have been sideswiped in the advent of technology-based advertising and marketing strategies. After all, old-school advertising tricks still work.

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How to Turn Events into Link Building Opportunities

Efforts in public relations can very well work positively with SEO. Aside from the media mileage, you also get editorial links. For anyone in a specific industry, link building opportunities abound and they can come from every event that is important to the industry. A known PR practice used by most SEOs for link building is the 12-month planner. This entails mapping out all the fixed and determined events or activities that are scheduled to happen in the industry and work your promotion around these events. No one benefits from knowing or doing things at the last minute. The key is in knowing and preparing for them long before the intended schedule.

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How Technology Affects Business Today

There’s no argument about that – businesses these days rely heavily on technology and fast-paced at that. Whether it’s production-based, service-based, etc., businesses are no strangers to technology advances and are in fact at the forefront of technology since time immemorial. Over the years, businesses have gone through several phases of adjustments and modifications in order to make their processes and operational procedures work in synch with the features of technology.

busniess and technologyAnd the changes and modifications needed to adapt to the latest technological infrastructure have not stopped since. Businesses continue to evolve and each time technology comes out with a new discovery, their next production lines will definitely incorporate some of those new innovations.

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Edgy Online Marketing Tactics for Your Social Media Business Accounts

There’s no debate on the power of social media as an effective marketing tool. It has been tested and proven to reap success for those businesses that took advantage of social media’s influence to millions of people subscribed to the World Wide Web. Online marketing techniques delivered to promote the social media business accounts provide the quickest way to reach to the target market.

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Smartphone vs. Tablet Commerce: 3 Essential Behaviors You May Be Overlooking

Smartphone vs. Tablet CommerceAmong the numerous gadgets available in the market nowadays, tablets and smartphones are preferred mainly because of their portability and their ability to access the Internet. Thus, they are considered mobile devices. But despite the similarities of their functions, user behavior of one device differs greatly from the other, in terms of experience and expectation.

 Such user behavior is important for online marketers to understand when, where and how consumers use the device for their specific research and purchase transactions.

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Marketing Automation and Search – 3 Strategies for Mutual Success

The original concept of marketing automation is focused on email marketing automation. Today, it refers to a wide range of automation and analytic tools for marketing purposes. Marketing automation platform is designed to streamline activities of sales and marketing organizations by replacing repetitive tasks and manual processes with automated solutions.

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Which Social Network is Best for B2B Marketing

Most B2B marketers are capitalizing on the power of social networks today more than they ever did in the past. It’s a clear showing of the impact social network has in terms of marketing effectiveness. But which of the social network offers the best platform for B2B marketing? The social network choices include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. Each of these sites offers B2B value for marketing. The only question is, who does it best?b2b marketing in social media

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Key Factors to Effective Competitive Analysis as a Small Business

Starting a business is not only challenging but scary as well. Starting a small business is even frightening, considering the giant businesses that are already making their profits long before you have even considered going into business. And if big businesses are your competition, how will your small business fare? Will it at least last a month? By just looking at the competition you might lose heart and shelve the whole idea. But not if you have a clear idea of what your business would like to do and offer to the already saturated yet huge market. If you are confident about your competitive edge, there’s no reason to back out from the game.

competitive analysis

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Online Multi-Level Marketing Strategy

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is everywhere. A lot of businesses have turned into this type of marketing and gained tremendous success. A lot of multi-level marketers have raked in some fortune out of their successful product distribution and recruitment strategmulti marketingies combined. You’ve heard many great success stories on how millions were made through multi-level marketing alone. In many of these stories, they would say they owe it to their productive marketing team which plays a key role in one’s earnings.

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